Legal Secretary (N4 - N6)

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What will I be qualified as, once I’ve completed this course?

The holder of a National N4 – N6 Certificate in Legal secretary will be able to take up employment in one of the following fields:

  • Secretaries
  • Administrative Secretaries
  • Administrative Managers
  • Receptionist
  • Managers

Programme Structure                                                   

N4 Certificate
  • Information Processing N4
  • Communication N4
  • Office Practice N4
  • Mercantile Law N4
N5 Certificate
  • Information Processing N5
  • Communication N5
  • Office Practice N5
  • Legal Practice N5
N6 Certificate
  • Information Processing N6
  • Communication N6
  • Office Practice N6
  • Legal Practice N6

 Admission Requirements

What do I need to have completed before I can apply to study this course?
  • A National Senior Certificate
  • A Senior Certificate

Duration of course

18 months (1 year 6 months)


You will be awarded the certification after completion of each NATED level (e.g., N4).  Upon successful completion of N6, including 18 months of apprenticeship, you will be issued a NATIONAL DIPLOMA CERTIFICATE in the relevant course

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