Public Management (N4 - N6)

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Course objectives

If you need quality education and relevant skills for a career in the public sector, you are at the right site. Our public management programme is what you need to become the agent of change in the part of the economy concerned with providing public services. Public management is the study of government, its structures, processes, and functions, and the manner in which society is managed.

Our programme, with instructional contents based on local reality in a global context, incorporating experiential training, is packaged to meet the developmental imperatives of a changing society. The rigor and relevance of our curriculum pedagogical praxis of the dynamic offering, conscious of the technology, asserts the competitive edge of the department in the education and skilling of the 21st Century public manager.

What will I be qualified as once I’ve completed this course?

The holder of a National N4 – N6 Certificate in PUBLIC MANAGEMENT will be able to take up employment in one of the following fields:

  • Public Administration officer
  • Supervisors and administration clerks in the various branches of the public sector
  • Manager within the local, provincial and national government
  • Public Services Administrator
  • Project Administrator
  • Communications Officer
  • Contract Administrator

 Programme Structure

 N4 Certificate
  • Computer Practice N4
  • Management Communication N4
  • Entrepreneurship & Business Management N4
  • Public Administration N4
 N5 Certificate
  • Computer Practice N5
  • Municipal Administration N5
  • Public Finance N5
  • Public Administration N5
N6 Certificate
  • Public Law N6
  • Municipal Administration N6
  • Public Finance N6
  • Public lAdministrationN6

Admission Requirements

What do I need to have completed before I can apply to study this course?
  • A National Senior Certificate
  • A Senior Certificate
  • An N3 in the relevant Specialization area

Duration of course

18 months (1 year 6 months)


You will be awarded the certification after completion of each NATED level (e.g., N4).  Upon successful completion of N6, including 18 months of apprenticeship, you will be issued a NATIONAL DIPLOMA CERTIFICATE in the relevant course.

How do I get an apprenticeship to allow me entry into this course?

You must be registered as an apprentice with a company.

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