The foundation of this course lies in Entrepreneurship. The candidate that would make a success of this course and a career in Business Management is the person that is motivated to start their own business. They have tenacity (the “bulldog-mentality” of not letting go), endurance and the will and enthusiasm to succeed.
The National N-Diploma: Business Management includes the N4 – N6 Certificates that enable students to use the business skills and knowledge learned to pursue a career in Entrepreneurship, run their own businesses, or work in a retail, wholesale or generic management environment.

Career Options

What will I be qualified as once I’ve completed this course?

  • Entrepreneurship / start and run your own business
  • General Management
  • Salesperson

What will I be able to do?

  • Draw up a business plan in order to start your own business
  • General management roles within any industry, but mostly the Wholesale and Retail industry
  • Sell products and services

In which industries will I be able to work?

The variety of industries in which you could work is very wide. All industries need people to sell their products and/or services. Most candidates find positions in Wholesale and Retail, but also in the Insurance and Banking Industry. The ultimate would of course be to start your own small/micro enterprise and build that up so that you could become the employer of people.

What could I do to further improve my skills and my chances of furthering my career?

Achieving the necessary entry requirements at academic level during this course will enable you to continue studying in a business-related field of study. This can be done by completing your National N-Diploma at Rostec Technical FET College, based on your academic achievements meeting their specific admission requirements.

Programme Structure

What will I be studying during this course?




 - Management Communication N4

 - Introductory Accounting N4

 - Entrepreneurship & Business Management N4

 - Computer Practice N4

 - Entrepreneurship & Business Management N5

 - Sales Management N5

 - Public Relations N5

 - Computer Practice N5

 - Entrepreneurship & Business Management N6

 - Sales Management N6

 - Cost and Management Accounting N5

 - Public Relations N6

Note: After completing the N6 Certificate, students need to complete 18 months of practical experience in their area of study to obtain a National N-Diploma.

Admission Requirements

What do I need to have completed before I can apply to study this course?
Grade 12 or an equivalent qualification