More than 100 000 South Africans trained and equipped to contribute to the economy


The South African labour force has for the past 19 years been bolstered in the engineering, business and health sciences industries – all through the efforts of Rostec College.

This self-funded college - which receives none of the hundreds of thousands of government subsidies injected into independent schools annually - has since 2001 seen more than 100 000 learners walk through its halls, with 90% of them successfully acquiring their national certificates and diplomas.  Rostec College also offers tuition for Grades 8 to 12, with a selection of full and part-time skills and training programmes which equip learners for careers in industries including information technology, marketing and office administration.

“Since opening our doors 19 years ago, our vision has been to grow and strengthen the South African economy,” says Rostec College Senior Manager Peter Ssennyonjo.

“One way to do this is through education.  Research has highlighted that education remains a crucial link in the level of a country’s productivity, while also promoting entrepreneurship.  Developed countries tend to boast a highly skilled labour force, as opposed to developing countries.  There are a number of benefits for the employer too, as educated, trained and skilled workers are able to work independently, are more proactive when it comes to problem solving and are generally able to think more creatively.  An educated and trained workforce also attracts greater remuneration in various industries.”

To make that vision a reality, Rostec College has expanded its reach further, with a total of six branches open across the country.  Campuses are situated in Pretoria, Johannesburg, Bloemfontein, Vereeniging, Rustenburg and Polokwane.  

What sets Rostec College apart from its counterparts is not just the quality of the education acquired within its hallways but also its team of highly educated lecturers, managers and board members.  Peter holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Higher education from Vaal University of Technology (VUT) and a Master of Philosophy in Accounting Sciences from the University of South Africa.  College Director Dr Edmund Katiti holds both a Masters and PhD in Information Technology from the University of Essex in the United Kingdom while the campus manager, Edwin Kafureka holds a Bachelor of Science (BSC) Education majoring in mathematics.

“The location and the price of the higher learning institution should not be the learner’s only consideration when making decisions about their future careers,” says Dr Edmund Katiti.  “The number of social ills plaguing various communities around the country and the staggering unemployment figures have seen many learners not only hungry but desperate for an education.  This has led to many falling prey to dodgy colleges which either pack up and close suddenly, leaving learners in the lurch, or offering courses which are either not accredited or hold no weight in the industries concerned.”

Edwin provides learners with the following tips when choosing a college: “If in doubt, learners should liaise with the education department as they have a list of all accredited colleges in the country, before paying any fees."

All Rostec College campuses are accredited with the following bodies:

  • Fully accredited with Umalusi for all its campus;
  • Fully accredited with Quality Council of trades and Occupations (QCTO);
  • Fully accredited with SASSETA (Safety and Security Seta);
  • Fully accredited with HWSETA (Health Welfare sector education Authority);
  • Fully accredited with MICT SETA (Media, information and Communication Technology Seta); and
  • Fully accredited with AgriSETA (Agricultural sector education and training Authority).

“Education is by no means a nice to have but a crucial tool for the future, not just for the individual acquiring the knowledge but for the country as a whole.  We encourage the matric class of 2019 to choose their educational path carefully, while also ensuring that they have placed their trust in the pioneers of higher learning in South Africa, which includes Rostec College,” Peter concludes.

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